A Scandi-inspired Condo Renovation

The renovation of this duplex condo unit reflects the homeowners’ deep love for Scandinavian design.  The clean lines, warm materials, and streamlined functions of this design style, combined with strategic architectural solutions, create a light and airy space that gives the illusion of more space without expanding the footprint.

With the renovation, the open plan layout is transformed to allow functions to expand and contract depending upon usage.  The kitchen footprint is expanded and a more generous island is added.  Where the kitchen counter extends into the living room opening, the cabinets are double sided to also serve the living room.  A slat wall is added to define the cozy living room area without closing it off from the overall space.    

A wall is removed to incorporate the entry into the open space to make it feel more expansive.  In lieu of losing square footage to a coat closet, the wall at the front door becomes both a functional and a decorative accent element.  Coat hooks blend into the wood slats that mimic the opposite open slat wall at the living room.  With the space gained by streamlining the entry, a micro seating lounge is added to the space.  This too is flexible and can be moved to allow the dining area to expand and host a gathering of 14 guests.

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project information

Condominium renovation of within a two-family home in Brookline.  

ARCHITECT: Atelier et Alia

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Flynn Build & Develop

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jared Kuzia Photography