Biophilic Kitchen + Dining

This upper two story unit of a two-family house was built in 1930 and its layout consisted of a series of small, compartmentalized rooms typical of that era.   This renovation creates an open kitchen and dining area that integrates the overall floor plan and serves as the heart of the home.  

The design takes strategic advantage of several existing amenities.  For example, the existing skylight formerly hidden in the kitchen now has a much bigger impact on the overall unit.  It becomes a focal point with the full height tiled backsplash wall and open shelving.  By removing the wall that separated them, the kitchen and dining now share the bank of north facing window that fill the space with even daylight, providing a sense of connection to the outdoors within a densely populated urban neighborhood.

The overall look and feel of the renovation is modern yet contextual to the more traditional aesthetic of the rest of the house.  Clean lines and balancing of bright white, deep color, and light give the space a contemporary look.  Traditional materials, such as the copper for the cabinet pulls and faucets, are incorporated with sleek modern shapes.  The nature-inspired palette of calming white tones, walnut wood accents and flooring, hexagonal textures, deep forest green cabinetry, and bright white countertops and walls to create a light and airy space.

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project information

Interior kitchen + dining renovation of upper unit of a two-family home in Jamaica Plain, Boston.  

ARCHITECT: Atelier et Alia

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jared Kuzia Photography